Welcome to Veterinarians Without Borders – Sweden

Veterinarians Without Borders (Vétérinaires Sans Frontières-VSF)– Sweden is a neutral non-partisan organisation: we only undertake activities allowing us total independence. Anyone interested in undertaking work under the encompassing umbrella of veterinary medicine from a global perspective is welcome to join regardless of education and occupation.

Our organisation was started with the initiative of JK Larsson who posted an appeal in The Swedish Veterinary Journal in 2010. An interim board was formed in 2011 to register the organization and create a homepage. With this first webpage of ours off the ground, we hope to build a larger membership base for networking within and outside the organisation. We are in the process of creating a resource expert database to further enable and support various veterinary medicine activities and networking possibilities.

We have a sponsorship program for mine dogs working all over the world. Finally, with our web links to various institutions and volunteer organisations, we wish to inspire our online visitors to contribute to various global veterinary medicine activities in their future travels.

If you wish to support Veterinarians Without Borders – Sweden we welcome your donation.

If you have any questions or would like to have more information about our projects, please contact us at info@vsf-sverige.org